Shopping For Fabrics

Shopping For Fabrics

To buy fabrics from our site, please note the use of FQ or Fat Quarter or Panel.

A FQ or Fat Quarter is a piece of fabric that is 50 x 55cm.  If you wish to have a bigger piece, this is possible, by ordering more.  If  you order 2, the piece you will get is 110cm (width of fabric) x 50cm.  For 3 = 110 x 75cm, for 4 110 x 100cm, 5= 110 x 125cm and so on.

Most of our fabrics come in a standard 110cm or 44 inches wide.  We cannot make these fabrics wider and unless stated, please think of them as this width.

A panel is a set size of fabric.  Eg 60 x 110cm.  If you order 2 of these, we will send it joined together and will be 120 x 110cm as the width of fabric does not change.

If you have any further question, contact me.




  1. HABIBAH YAHYA says:

    hi janelle how are you? im bib from malaysia. still remember me… i would like to buy a few things from u.. hope to hear from u soon..

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